Startups under SISFS

SISF Startups List

Sr. No Startup Name CIN No Name of Innovator Project Title Sector Product/Service Name
Sno Startup Name CIN No Name of Innovator Brief about the startup Sector Product/Service Name
1 Bookvala D2D India Private Limited U52396HR2021PTC094888 Raghav Bali One stop education marketplace platform for buying and reselling school and university books. Edtech Platform for Selling old books
2 Quickstay Private Limited U70200CH2021PTC043726 Jatin Madaan Digital platform that helps students and young professionals to find, compare & book a rental PG/Flat/Room at ease of their comfort. Tourism PG Accomodation search services
3 Synsta Solutions Private Limited U72900HP2022PTC009064 Harsh Prashar AI-ML based “LOW CODE” platform that generates software applications automatically. AI/ML AIML-based low code platform for autonomously generating apps
4 Skillarthi Ventures Private Limited U80902UP2020PTC134163 Gaurav Singhania Building an ecosystem to develop students skills through experiential learning, skill learning courses, mentorship program, career counselling, and networking & community. Edtech Improving students skills through experiential learning and skill learning courses
5 Envoia Robotech Technologies Private Limited U72200HR2022PTC103152 Akshay Ahuja Establishing robotics labs in schools and providing robotics education to school students Edtech Establishing robotics labs in schools and providing Robotics education
6 Vecrep Technologies Private Limited U50400CH2020PTC043270 Rajat Soni Online garage/workshop discovery & booking platform Automotive Online garage booking services
7 Chai Nagri Products Private Limited U51900PB2022PTC055495 Divam Wadhwa Creating combo/ gift package having multiple variants of tea in one package which is completely customized based on customers requirement. Hospitality Exotic Tea gifting solutions
8 Powered Electron Private Limited U40106WB2021PTC243540 Anderson Darry Swamy Development of Schottky Junction Printable Solar Cell Electronics Printable Solar cells
9 Hanuven Healthcare Products Private Limited U85100TN2020PTC139417 Dr. K Ramkumar Manufacturing of Ayurveda herbal products for skin related problems Healthcare Psoriasis treatment herbal oil
10 LCSM Creative Private Limited U36999UP2021PTC147181 Lavdeep Chahal India's first platform connecting end consumers and Handicraft vendors Art & Design Platform for connecting end consumers and Handicraft vendors
11 Mangopaw Technologies and Solutions Private Limited U74999DL2022PTC396055 Vipin Kakar Service consolidation platform for all pet related services Pet Services Online Pet care Services
12 Sabera Healthcare Private Limited U85100KA2021PTC153510 Tanisha Das Vaginal infection detection card Healthcare Vaginal Infection Testing Card
13 Emprex Energies Private Limited U40200PB2022PTC057190 Ayush Gupta One stop solar services for efficient power management. Energy Generation Solar power modules for homes and commercial Spaces
14 Shoutlo Digital Private Limited U74999PB2021PTC053483 Sameer Sharma Local content discovery platform, covering a wide spectrum of interests that includes food, events, travel, adventure, lifestyle, and shopping, among other things. IT & Ites Online deals discovery platform
15 Sneakwear Private Limited U52520DL2022PTC407001 Mudit Arora Providing an innovative and easy to use online sneakers buying experience based on AI/ML algorithms E-Commerce Improving online sneakers buying experience based on AI/ML algorithms
16 Lowcal Ventures Private Limited U72900CH2021PTC043666 Gaurav Bikram Fintech Platform for creating the biggest connected consumer community Fintech Smart community of consumers
17 Envoia Robotech Technologies Private Limited U72200HR2022PTC103152 Akshay Ahuja EnvoiaRobotech Technologies provide Robotics & Technology based education to students in schools & colleges. Edutech Robotics & Technology based education to students in schools & colleges.
18 Sellebration Private Limited U72200HR2022PTC101246 Rahul Exclusive review System for making online purchases easier for customers. IT Services Exclusive review system for online platforms
19 Caretech360 Private Limited U85190PB2022PTC055644 Gaurav Bali One stop solution for all Skin/Gynecological related issues Healthcare & Lifesciences Platform for Gynecological related problems for women
20 Eternstack Private Limited U72900HR2022PTC105917 Akshit Dandyan Innovative technology-based ERP platform Enterprise Software ERP Management Services
21 Numeric Education Private Limited U80903PB2022PTC056254 Aditya Goyal ED-Tech platform for students self-Learning Education ED-Tech platform for students self-Learning
22 Reherse Private Limited U72500HR2022PTC108583 Abhishek Goyal Hand tracking and VR technology-based system Education A virtual lab platform that enhances K12 education through experiential learning.
23 Frutri Retail Private Limited U51909HR2022PTC100902 Arshdeep Singh Artificial Intelligence based field data capture app progressive supply chain app for FPOs IT Services MegaFPO portal for Farmers
24 Plotnew Bio Innovations Private Limited U74999KA2022PTC156248 Avinash C An accurate and affordable test for the rapid diagnosis of respiratory/metabolic status in infants from umbilical cord arterial blood Biotechnology "BIRTHFIXIA: A syringe-based POC testing kit with the ability to instantly check the pH, pCO2, pO2, and HCO3- levels
25 Akac Healthcare Private Limited U85194DL2022PTC405748 Akinchan Kushwaha Smart sock for early detection, prevention and management of foot related complications such as varicose veins Healthcare & Lifesciences Smart Socks for veroicose veins
26 Neowinn Biotech Private Limited U15490KA2023PTC170103 Mohinder Nagra Innovative nutritional products specifically for preterm / premature babies Healthcare & Lifesciences Niqu: Replica of Mother's Milk
27 Herbovive Private Limited U52100HR2021PTC094128 Ravi Goyal Herbal solution for management of hair/scalp issues Healthcare & Lifesciences Herbal solution for hair/scalp issues
28 Custoshoe Private Limited U74999HR2022PTC107462 Gourav Garg The startup is into Customised Footwear Fashion Customised Shoes
29 Aaizel International Technologies Private Limited U29307GJ2023PTC137964 Gaganpreet Singh Innovative, Indigenous UASS Solution for accurate atmospheric data collection Artificial Intelligence An indigenous, reliable, and cost-effective upper atmospheric sounding system
30 Censor Black Private Limited U74999TG2021PTC152491 Raghav Gupta EquiDEI:A Fintech Platform Finance Technology EquiDEI:A Blockchain based Fintech platform
31 Areno Innovations Private Limited U72900KA2022PTC158730 Nikhil Chhabra AI-powered virtual arena for Gyming AI AI-powered gamified arena for fitness challenges and rewards
32 Attirox Ventures Private Limited U47912HR2023PTC110618 Bhanu Sharma AI-powered fashion platform solving style challenges with personalized recommendations AI Online platform for clothing suggestions
33 Gokloud Software Solutions Private Limited U72900PN2021PTC201250 Manav Prasad Experienced, Personalised IT Consulting IT Services Personalised IT Consulting
34 Zipanier Private Limited U51900HR2022PTC103470 Harnoor Singh E-Commerce platform aiming to deliver all the goods within 6 hours of the order and to provide end to end online ordering for sellers IT Services E-Commerce platform aiming to deliver all the goods within 6 hours of the order
35 Farooqii Animal Feeds Private Limited U01110JK2021PTC012451 Fayaz Shiekh Low-Cost Livestock and Poultry Feed Composition Pets & Animals Low-Cost livestock and poultry feed composition
36 Studio Elleay Private Limited U47820HR2023PTC112020 Sagar Arora AI Inspired Designer’s Outfit Fashion AI Inspired Designer’s Outfits for faishon Industry
37 Vaibbhavi P India Private Limited U74109PN2023PTC218625 Vaibbhavi Ranavaade Craft based Slow Fashion via environmental, craft & economic Sustainability Design innovation Fashion Craft based slow fashion
38 Clickmate Lifecare Private Limited U85300JK2022PTC013999 Sahil Raina Homecare company that provides wide range of Homecare Services Healthcare & Lifesciences Nursuing healthcare services
39 PRIMAVISION DIGITECH PRIVATE LIMITED U62099DL2023PTC413589 Sumit Goswami PrimaVision's AI product Beamster helps to automate the marketing operations of bussiness enterprises through generative AI. Artificial Intelligence Beamster
40 NIRVIGHNA SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED U74999PB2021PTC054716 Sahil Goel Platform for local bussinesses and services E-Commerce Kaam Dhanda App
41 VIABILITY SPORTS TECHNOLOGY PRIVATE LIMITED U92419KA2022PTC157894 Vipin Paul Sports ecosystem that is digitally empowered (via SaaS) for the Sports Academies, Independent Sports Coaches, and the Players. SAAS Sports ecosystem that is digitally empowered (via SaaS) for the Sports Academies, Independent Sports Coaches, and the Players.
42 CYETHACK SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED U72900UP2022PTC159219 Shivbihari Pandey Cyethack Solutions' AI-powered CyeNET enhances cybersecurity by combining AI-driven vulnerability scanning, manual penetration testing and a comprehensive Vulnerability Management Detection and Response (VMDR) system. Artificial Intelligence CyeNET
43 ARADRAA ROBOTICS PRIVATE LIMITED U33100KA2021PTC153826 Aashith C The startup is A portable, economical finger and hand rehabilitation device which can be used in residence post-training by a therapist. Heathcare Hand rehabilitation device for patients suffering from neourological disorders