Startups under MeitY Tide 2.0

MeitY Tide 2.0 Scaleup Investment Startups

Sr. No Startup Name Name of Innovator Brief about the startup Sector Sanctioned amount
1 6Dof Solutions Private Limited Neha Tuli Augmented Reality based hands-on learning kit ‘‘Learn-O-Little’ for the preschoolers. AR/VR 35 Lakhs
2 Anukai Solutions Private Limited Gaurav Goyal Deep learning-powered Intelligent Traffic Management System-InteLights AI/ML 35 Lakhs
3 80Wash LLP Rouble Gupta Waterless washing of clother in 80 seconds Healthcare 40 Lakhs

MeitY Tide 2.0 Startups

Sr. No Startup Name Name of Innovator Project Title Sector Sanctioned Amount(In INR)
1 6Dof Solutions Private Limited Neha Tuli Learn O Little: Kindergarten Learning Kit Edtech 7 Lakhs
2 Hackspace Security Services LLP Ashish Gera E-Stretchers Healthcare 7 Lakhs
3 Sustainergic Tech Private Limited Prateek Shrivastava Smart T -Brewers IOT 7 Lakhs
4 Murph Technologies Private Limited Gupreet Singh Robotics Learning Kits IOT 7 Lakhs
5 Dagriation Solutions Private Limited Virender Kadyan Dhanrakshak: Smart Currency Sanitizing Device Deeptech 7 Lakhs
6 Xovian Aerospace Private Limited Ankit  Bhateja Low Cost Rapid Smart And Safe Sanitization Aerospace 7 Lakhs
7 Foodlzz Hospitality Private Limited Arsh Arora Cloud Kitchen Services Hospitality 3.60 Lakhs
8 Codeshod Ventures Private Limited Gaurav Singh Brand Revamping and other Digital Solutions. IT Services 3.60 Lakhs
9 Anshaj Smart Waste Management Private Limited Ashish Singh Anshaj Smart Bin for Waste Management Waste Management 7 Lakhs
10 Tieeye Service Private Limited Nikit Kundra Smart Eye Lens Equipment Healthcare 3.60 Lakhs
11 Adiabatic Technologies Private Limited Darshan Meher Reliable and smart way to manage Energy Storage System. Automotive 7 Lakhs