ICAN2020 India Conference

Conference Tutorials
February 15, 2020 | 9:30AM – 12:30PM | Edison Block, Chitkara University, Punjab

ICAN2020 India Conference to feature two parallel tutorials on February 15, 2020. You may register for any one of them.

  • For ICAN2020 registered delegates and students/research scholars/faculty members from Chitkara University registration fee for attending the tutorials is waived off. However prior registration by filling out an online form before February 10, 2020 is mandatory. CLICK HERE to fill the form.
  • All others please note that there is a registration fee of INR3000 for attending the conference including the conference tutorials.

    Please visit https://paym.chitkara.edu.in/ican/ and register under attendee category before February 10, 2020.

About the Tutorials
Tutorial 1 - Computational Thinking
Venue- Curie Hall, Edison Block
Tutorial 2 – Nexus on Wheels
Venue- Faraday Hall, Edison Block
By: - Prof. Prakash Hegade
Assistant Professor, KLE Technological University, Hubballi and Director, Knit Arena Software Research and Services
By: - Dr. Meenu Khurana
Dean, Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Chitkara University, Punjab
Ms. Rishu Chhabra
Associate Professor (CSE), Chitkara University, Punjab
Problem-solving is one of the fundamental skill that everyone must hone. One might know how to devise algorithms, analyze solutions, and solve problems with a wealth of tools at disposal. But the real world has many other challenges that need more than conventional thinking. Human thinking, which inspires computational thinking, on knowing helps us realize and make effective use of computational capabilities to solve a modern problem. Along with understanding computational capabilities, the perspective also helps the facilitator to plan a better delivery of their course. Following are the objectives of the tutorial –
  • To understand and appreciate the four major components of computational thinking
  • To adapt human thinking principles to be an effective problem solver
  • To realize problem solving with computational advantage and inculcate in course delivery
About the tutorial - VANETs, an application of Intelligent Transportation Systems aims to improve safety on roads by establishing communication between the vehicles. Thus, creating a “Nexus on Wheels”. The objective of the tutorial is to provide the basic introduction to VANETs, its key characteristics and applications. In order to understand the concept of vehicular communications in a better way, the tutorial will include practical session on creating a VANET scenario using NS-3 and simulating on-demand routing protocol in VANETs. Topics tobe covered during the tutorial include –
  • Intelligent Transportation System overview.
  • VANETs Introduction, characteristics and applications.
  • Creating VANET scenario using SUMO.
  • Simulating routing protocol in VANET using NS-3 simulator.
  • Research Issues.
CLICK HERE to download tutorial brochure CLICK HERE to download tutorial brochure