ICAN2022 is going to have a provision of Special Sessions in the conference. This will be an opportunity for all those motivated researchers who can bring in quality submissions to the conference through their network/community in their areas of specializations (related to the theme of the conference).

If you are interested in chairing a Special Session in ICAN 2022, then send your proposal either to Dr. Abhishek Kumar (abhishek.kumar@chitkara.edu.in) or Mr. Sagar Juneja (sagar.juneja@chitkarauniversity.edu.in). Your proposal must include:-

  • Title of the Special Session
  • Brief overview (topic should be specific and should relate to the theme of the conference)
  • Names and affiliations of proposed Session Chairs along with their profiles
  • Number of submission anticipated in the Special Session
General Guidelines
  • Since the Special Sessions are going to be a part of the conference, they must follow all the guidelines including (but not limited to) submission guidelines (CLICK HERE), and quality policy (CLICK HERE) of the conference.
  • Minimum Qualification for a Special Session –
    • Minimum number of submissions in a Special Session – 15
    • Maximum number of papers from a single institution – 3
    • No author should have more than 2 papers in the special session
    • Session Chairs cannot be the authors in the papers submitted to their Special Sessions.
  • All papers in Special Sessions must be submitted just like the regular ICAN 2022 papers, strictly as per the submission guidelines - CLICK HERE
  • Review of papers submitted to the Special Sessions –
    • Session Chairs of the Special Sessions to propose the reviewers, but reviewer assignments will be done by the core team of ICAN 2022 at Chitkara University at their discretion.
    • Paper reviews will be shared with the Sessions Chairs before communicating the decision to the authors.
    • Decisions will be objective solely based on the reviewers’ comments.
    • There will be a scope of discussion on paper reviews between the Session Chairs and the core team, but the final decision on accepting or rejecting any paper rests with the core team.
  • Key roles of the Session Chairs of the Special Sessions
    • To get the required number of quality submissions in the conference
    • To get the required number of good reviewers to review these submissions
    • To get the reviews done from the reviewers in a timely manner
  • Benefits to the Session Chairs of the Special Sessions
    • Prominent mention on the conference website
    • Opportunity to attend the conference and chair a paper presentations session
    • Opportunity to deliver an invited talk in the conference
    • Recognition – Session Chair Certificate, Memento and Honorarium
ICAN 2022 to follow Publication Ethics as laid out and followed by reputed international bodies/societies like COPE, IEEE etc.
Wonderful Publication Opportunity
  • All accepted papers upon presentation will be sent for consideration of IEEE for publication on IEEE Xplore
  • After the publication on IEEE Xplore, authors will be provided exclusive opportunity to publish extended version of their ICAN2022 papers in a special issue of any one of the identified Scopus indexed journals.
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